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Welcome to

We are a specialized consulting company providing front to end know-how for planners, owners- and operators of exhibition-, conference-, and event- centres - as well as for multifuncional centers.

We are also experianced managers of exhibitions and conferences and support our clients in CREATING exhibitions and conferences as well as RESTRUCTURING exhibition and conference portfolios.

With our combined experiance we are even able to establish new exhibition and/or conference - destinations including all necessary steps like international marketing, infrastructural coordination, planing and management.

We support our clients in managing their Venues:

* planing-,
* equipping-, and refurbishing
* operating their venues

to the highest international quality- and efficiency-standards.
(see more details in the menu "Services")
We ALSO support our clients in managing their Exhibition and Conference -Portfolio:

* improving their existing exhibition and conference portfolio
* creating new exhibitions and conferences and always have a pipeline of new products in place
* market your venue to third parties to generate revenue from rentingyour structure to other organizers
* find alternative revenue streams for your operation which you have never thought of

AND we support our clients in BUYING and SELLING exhibitions and conferences and exhibtion- and venue companies:

Michael Stift owns a company named M&A Beratung und Beteiligung e.U., the austrian partner of NBB-National Business Brokers
This company is spezialized in Business Brokerage and M&A - and it is linked into the largest business brokerage network in Europe.
You can find the services of NBB on and Michaels company under the section of Austria.

With our support you will

- plan an efficient venue,
- spend your investment capital based on the right priorities,
- make sure the venue is not over- or under-equipped
- operate your venue in a modern way with efficient national and international marekting
- manage your exhibitions and conferences in an efficient way
- have a pipeline of new exhibition-and conference themes in place where you can draw from
- market your destination and venue efficiently to the national and international community of organizers
- find new revenues for your venue
- eventually acquire additional exhibtions to add to your protfolio

to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

We will charge a flat fee per month for our services so that it is easy to calculate for both sides - and it will be only a fraction of what we either save for you in terms of cost or what we make for you in additional contribution. Larger projetcs and involvments will require an additional sucess-component.

EXPO XXI Group of Venues - the proof of our concept:


We are your partners!