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Our philosophy are the guidelines of a pure, lean consulting and operating company:

- you will work with the most experianced experts who are around in this narrow business segment

- we do not take short term mandates because we then can not make sure that the implemented quality standards are sustainable.

- duration of our service-contracts therefore varies between 18 months and 7 years.

- with us you dont pay for overhead because we dont have any - we work on a network of laptops where we can share our files - but we dont maintain office space, secretaries, assistants etc. - we simply use the infrastructure of our clients and various home-offices. This is why what you pay for is pure know-how and nothing else.

- to work with us is therefore like working with a single consultant - with the additional advantage that a network of experts is behind it to cover all needs and to take over if your dedicated consultant gets "run over by a truck".

- we dont produce long and sophisticated powerpoint presentations - we are a "hands-on" team which goes directly into the target-operation and works with the people involved for quick and sustainable results.