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International marketing for the venue - "how to find your business":

Each client which works with us on a development or improvement project will - after completian of the project - be asked to join the EXPO XXI Group of venues (the adoption of the EXPO XXI name is not mandatory) which is now a marketing tool to find new clients on an international basis - but it is also a quality-seal because clients around the world already know that these veneus are working with top-infrastructure, top-exdcuated personell and according to EXPOXXI-standards of fulfillment of clients needs.

Marekting tools are direct marketing to all international organzers we know personally, news-letters and press releases - as well as passing on clients from one member-venue to another.

For each venue we develop a tailer-made marketing concept and strategie and we also put this in place after your aproval. Also make sure that this concept is executed effectively and we deal with the most important key-accounts directly.