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Accompany the planners:

We will accompany your architect - or team of architects - through the whole planing phase and support them with inside know-how of the needs of the exhibition- and conference-centre operation.

Since exhibition- and conference-centre buidings are "special-purpose" buildings, architects can never cover all the know-how necessary to plan the best and most efficient venue for you. This is why normally they are more than happy to be accompanied by an expert or a team of experts which give them advice from the view of the experianced operator of an exhibition- or conference center.

Your benefit will be a centre which will be judged with highest rankings by exibition- and conference organisers once in operation - a good reason for you to ask for better prices and to expect higher occupancy-rates than other venues.

Also you will always save on your planing and construction cost by implementing this service - because all planning activities go in the right direction from day one of the process.