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* New concept
* Planning
* check existing concept
* representing the investor
* fit-out consulting
* staff training
* day-to-day management
* International marketing



The way we run our business:

In order to understand your needs we have to see your project or your existing venue and meet the management.

After the first one or two meetings we can give you a realistic and honest outlook of how we can support you, how much effort it will be in man-power and time, and how the timing of the project should be layed out.

The first meeting will be without charge - we will only ask you to pay for our travel expences.

For your project we will simply ask for a flat fee per month. This is easy to calculate for You and for us - and there will be no surprises.
In special cases we work with a reduced flat fee - and add a performance component instead. For example a share of revenue or profit of the center-operation over the coming years.

The duration of our contracts vary between 18 months and 7 years.

Description of some of our services (see left side list "Services"):
These are only samples. In reality each project is taylor made to your needs.