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Technical consulting and fit-out consulting:

The fit-out of a venue is a know-how intensive border-line walk:

You have to provide the RIGHT level of technical equippment - this is a serious decision because if you later can not provide some of those functionalities your venue will stay empty - or you will only be able to rent it with significant discounts because organizers will simply not accept it.

On the other hand you can easily overspend on technical equippment - this money is lost because you will have equippment which you can not rent to your clients and which will not give you possibility to rent for higher prices. It will simply make no difference that you have this "extra" equipment.

There is a high propability that you will overspend on equipment because your architects will tend to overequip your venue in order to make sure that they dont deliver a venue which can not be used properly.

We are your partner to make sure the right decisions are taken in this respect - and we want to be the partner for your architects to make sure the right "special know-how" is available for them.


Dont overequip your venue.