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Mag. Michael M. Stift has expertise in the following areas:

Day-to-day operation of exhibition-, conference-, event-, and sports – venues.

Planning and construction of such venues - representing the investor or the future operator

Fit out of such venues

Consulting venue owners or operators on how to operate efficiently

Consulting venue owners or operators on how to market the venue internationally

Efficiency- and re-launch concepts for existing venues,

Operate existing exhibition- and conference companies

Set up new exhibition- and conference companies

Create and launch new exhibitions and conferences

Specific issues: How to find and contract the right 3rd party- suppliers for such venues – catering companies, security companies, technical partners, ....and how to make money from these partnerships.

Vitality-check of existing exhibitions - improvement concept for existing and established exhibitions

Re-launch concepts for existing and established exhibitions

Concepts for new exhibitions and conferences

Launch of new exhibitions and conferences

Ongoing management of these newly launched exhibitions for a period of 3 years (break even point)

Management and operation of all sizes of exhibition companies - up to 100 exhibitions per year

Management of conference companies

He has worked in this segment for 10 years and these are the main projects he has worked on:

Messe Wien, Reed Exhibitions, Vienna, - CEO, Managing Director, - planning & construction of new 80.000 m2 exhibition and conference venue, day-to-day operation of the venue-, the exhibition- and the conference company – as well as the technical supply-company.Messe Salzburg, Reed Exhibitions, Salzburg, – CEO, Managing Director – day-to-day operations

EXPO XXI Warsaw, supervising development of extension projects, the day-to-day operation and the international marketing

EXPO XXI Belgrade, supervising the planning, construction and fit-out of a small exhibition and event venue with attached hotel

EXPO XXI Cologne, supervising the planning, construction and fit-out of medium size event venue – as well as day-to-day operation and managing director of the exhibition- and event organizing company.

EXPO XXI Amsterdam, fit-out and operation of small event venue – day-to-day operation.

Hypo EXPO XXI Zagreb, consulting of fit-out of conference venue, consulting of the day-to-day operation.

Messe Tulln, Austria, consulting of day-to-day operation of the venue and launch of new shows, consulting the refurbishment of the entire center.

Apart from that Michael Stift has manged and supervised about 150 exhibitions and events directly or indirectly on an ongoing basis - in different european and asian countries.